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Ryan Jordan

Solar Power:

Richard295: great question. Unfortunately, impossible to test here in Montana.

I'm heading to Kotzebue for a few days prior and will do final testing there. If worst case conditions can't provide trickle power to the phone and/or PDA, we'll ditch the solar setup and go with spare batteries.

Kim Skaarup

To gain weight.!:
Start eating at McDonalds every day.!
Remember the movie "Supersize me".!!

Pierre Ferrand

Having used a pair of Salomon XA Pro during a 28 day field survival course in southern Utah last year (at B.O.S.S.)I would have personal reservations about taking them on a 1.000 klick journey. They may well blow-out around mile 350.
While I have no first hand experience with the Salomon Tech Amphib, their overall construction and choice of material may be better suited for you odissey.
Farewell / Pierre


RE: your bear spray.

Bear spray containing over 1.5% Capsicum is able to burn a bear's retinas and blind it permanently. Bear spray this strong is illegal here in Canada for this reason. Most brands sold here are .875%.

We have 1000+ lb bears here and .875% Capsicum is effective on these animals.

The brand you have chosen is 2% capsicum. This brand was created by a hunter who was mauled almost to death by a bear, and it is unnecessarily strong. If you use it in the only way in which it is effective --a strong shot to the face of the animal-- there is a good chance you will permanently blind the bear you use it on.

As an outdoorsman, a "no trace" practitioner, and an environmental steward, I urge you to carry a different brand.

I understand the desire to safeguard your team and your expedition, but I would remind you that your trip is entirely voluntary. You don't have to put yourself into harm's way: you want to.

If you have to blind and starve to death an artic bear just to make your 1000 km mark, will it have been worth it?

Especially when there are so many highly effective but non-blinding options available.


David Olsen

The UDAP pepper spray is sold in Canada too.


Not at 2% Capsicum though! The EPA version would be illegal to sell or keep here for reasons detailed above.


Kevin Sawchuk

There is a big mis-conception on what is high and what is low glycemic food. Mashed potatos aren't that different from Gu. Even cooked carrots give a high sugar spike. It's primarily a matter of how much fiber is in the thing you're eating. Protein and fat slow absorption and lower the effective glycemic index. High glycemic foods contain the same energy as other food--you just need to eat a bit more often to avoid bonking.
Check out the database section and search for a few foods:


With regard to bear spray. I don't know what % capsicum will cause permanent damage to a human or bear, but none will "burn a bear's retinas" as they are located ate the back of the eye behind the vitreous. Perhaps you meant to say corneas.


Also, I went to the UDAP web site, and their law enforcement pepper spray is listed at 2% CRC (or 10% OC or 2 million SHU depending on what scale you want to use) which is the same as their bear spray. Are you saying that something that is used on humans by law enforcement will permanently blind a bear?

David B.

Congratulations on a very tough trek! I hope and trust that the significance of one of humanity's really tough adventures does not get diluted by armchair quarterbacks and over-the-shoulder environmentalists. You planned, made tough decisions and then followed through with gutsy physical action. I look forward to seeing more of your post-trip download to see what worked and what needed tweaking. So in your opinion what was the hardest part - mental or physical? What is the best thing you personally have received from doing this trek? It seems like it is never what you expect. Thanks, and I look forward to reading of further adventures!

John Cantor

Hey guys,

Great work with your expedition. It's been quite an inspiration for me and this year I'll be attempting to traverse the Brooks Range solo, although I plan on moving a fair bit slower and I will have some resupplies.
I will be in Fairbanks on the 12th May (I'm an Australian by the way). Will any of you be around then? It would be great if I could catch up with one or all of you and pick your brains for some info on the trek.

John Cantor

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    In June 2006, adventurers Roman Dial, Ryan Jordan, and Jason Geck will attempt the first unsupported trekking traverse of America's most remote wilderness - Alaska's western North Slope and Brooks Range - a distance of 1,000 km (600 miles).
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