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Roman Dial

Roman's Clothing Notes:

Tops and bottoms:
MontBell pants like Ryans for wind/rain. No additional treatment. Actually prefer wind pants to rain pants in dry Arctic. Not so clammy, fast to get wet but fast to dry.

Taking Patagonia pullover anorak-style Spectre for wind and rain. I like the chest pocket for map, pencil. I keep notes on my maps: time, terrain, Brush rating (on this trip Class III at most), tussock size (pint, quart, 5 gallon, 55 gallon), animals seen, camps, human sign, game trail locations, events....

Base layer is sourdough style with a one piece lightweight capilene long john turtleneck. Time-tested design in the North Country for more than a century. Hoody will go over this as will some old Patagonia Cool Weather Tights. Currently deciding weather to take a base layer of Silkeweight Capilene short sleeve shirt....hmmm....certainly wearing some snug-legged underwear to prevent chaffing....

Clothing Modifications:
We sewed draw strings on the bottom of the Cocoon Pants so they seal shut when sleeping. Keeps feet warmer by sagging the pants at night and closing off the pant leg.

Removed all toggles and used taughtline hitch or bow-tie on all clothes instead.

Other Modeifications:
Skipped the sewn-on gaiters and any other mods to clothing -- going stock on this one by and large.

None. No hat at all, baseball or otherwise, just the hoods (bug net, too) and long sleeves. Did all my training this winter bare-handed up here in Anchorage to maintain my "hunters response."

Sleep Clothes:
I don't like to sleep in my "work clothes" so I have super-sheer cotton top and Pointelle Patagonia Capilene long bottoms to wear under those Cucoons at night to fight the sweats I get with bare skin on nylon-- also one pair of sleep socks I'll wear at the end if the other socks wear out.

No stuff sacks at all. Just the big outer dry bag and a smaller inner (POE 15 L Superlight) one to hold sleep clothes and quilt.

Cucoon Endorsement:
By the way, Hig and Erin of http://www.aktrekking.com/ were over at our place on their way to 400 mile trip in the Nushagak/Mulchatna area -- site of proposed Pebble Mine -- and thought the Cucoon clothing absolutley wonderful!


Wedding veil or Black funeral veil? I always though white netting was more difficult to see through than black.

Eric Noble

Ryan, is that the Smartwool Shadow's Hoody you are referring to? I bought a mens large in March from the Smartwool site, and I love it. Mine weighs 12.7 oz. I removed the stripes that run down the sleeves. What were they thinking? It's better without them and I think it looks better too. I do wish the hood covered a little more of my face. I last used it 2 weekends ago, in the Rockies, with great success. The temperature range was from the low 40s to the upper 70s Fahrenheit. I hiked and slept in it. I used it with a Patagonia Houdini. Did the permithrin effect the fabric in any negative ways?

I went to GoLite's web site and didn't see the Virga Jacket. I assume it is working very well for you and look forward to it's being available. The hooded Cocoon is also on my list when it becomes available.



Did you opt for optimal bug protection, optimal water repellency, or neither with your Montane lite-speed?

Pertex Equilibrium is mosquito bite proof, but not the Pertex Microlight used in the lite-speed. Permethrin will solve the mosquito bite proof issue but will adversely affect water repellency. Microlight yields a water repellency grade 5 when not treated with Permethrin and a 2 or 3 when treated with Permethrin.

Ryan Jordan

Greetings from Anchorage!

Richard295: I went with permithrin treatment on my base layer (merino wool hoody) and Reconditioned the DWR on my Lightspeed jacket. The latter is not what I like to do, because it inhibits breathability. I'd rather wash DWR completely out of wind shirts. But in this case, I want to wear the wind shirt as much as possible without having to don a rain jacket, so it needs to hold up to the apparently incessant fog, snow, and mist that we'll encounter during the first week.

Ryan Jordan

Eric, no not the Shadow, but I think Roman will have the Shadow. Mine is a top secret model not yet released.

OK, kidding. It's not actually top secret. It's due to hit the market this fall. It's just a ... women's model ... don't tell! That's why I sewed an 8" extension to the hem, didn't want the little buggers camping out in my belly hair.


Are the production GoLite Virga's heavier? Can't find any for sale at the weights you mention?

Why didn't you choose Montbell Stretch Wind pants over the Patagonia French Roast's? They're much lighter and very similar features.

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