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Kevin Davidson

That was a heart wrenching last line, Roman. Wishing you guys the best. The bear frequency is astouding.


Stay alert guys, you only have two sets of eyes watching for bear now.

Hope you have better weather and less boggy moor hiking tomorrow.



Roman, your writing is poetic. My heart is with you and Jason.

Lawrence Burris

It was exiting to hear someone is attempting a trek from the west to Anaktuvuk Pass! Look me up at the NSB Village Liaisons office when you guys arrive into Anaktuvuk. Hope you guys enjoy your trek the rest of the way and are avoiding predators, kindest r. - Lawrence Burris.

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    In June 2006, adventurers Roman Dial, Ryan Jordan, and Jason Geck will attempt the first unsupported trekking traverse of America's most remote wilderness - Alaska's western North Slope and Brooks Range - a distance of 1,000 km (600 miles).
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