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Kevin Davidson

You go, guys! Absolutely awesome.

Eric Noble

Congratulations! Thanks you so much for sharing this experience with us. I, for one, have learned from this, and am inspired to find my own nature.


What an overwhelming accomplishment! I’ve walked with you on your journey, and can finally take a deep, relaxing breath after cliffhanging for what has felt like a lifetime.

Godspeed to you.

Bob Shears

Congratulations guys, I envy your eyes. There's a UAF ATLAS research camp & airstrip about 30 miles to the southeast of Ultima Thule called Ivotuk. Used to be a couple pretty "easy on the eyes" grad students working there every summer; I bet they provide wonderful foot rubs to errant heros, even though some wives may say that defeats the intent of "by fair means"! N68 29' W 155 45' if you don't already have it.

Carol Crooker

For anyone unfamiliar with Ultima Thule (as I was), here's one definition from http://aussiethule.blogspot.com/:
"In ancient times the northernmost region of the habitable world - hence, any distant, unknown or mysterious land."


Very cool, guys. Congrats! Also, thanks for the detailed entries.


Thank you for taking us on this adventure most of us can and will only be able to live it thru you all!


Fran, let's not mix personal fantasy with reality.

Well done, gentlemen. Fascinating stuff. I earn my living writing, and this is really good.

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