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John Shannon

Boy, it's getting tough on the feet I see. I feel for those guys. Hang in there fellas!!!!


Indeed - a day of ups and downs in more ways than one. Take care of the food and the feet, guys! Looking forward to more news - may the rest of the journey be smooth!

Bob Shears

I just got back from Nuiqsut and had a chance to experience your mosquitos, they're horrible! The locals say this year is worse than usual. Take care of yourself guys, no one will blame you if you slow down and subsist off the land a little.

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    In June 2006, adventurers Roman Dial, Ryan Jordan, and Jason Geck will attempt the first unsupported trekking traverse of America's most remote wilderness - Alaska's western North Slope and Brooks Range - a distance of 1,000 km (600 miles).
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