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marilyn barry

I've never spent so much time looking at the weather patterns in NW Alaska, and am especially reminded to check them when it's cold and drizzly in Anchorage. Driving to school the other morning, I heard Roman interviewed on Public Radio, and sat in the parking lot behind Grant Hall until it was over, exhilerated to know that you were both fine yet another day. You did sound tired, Roman. I can see why. Many people are awaiting your safe return.


kevin foote

Hey you guys are almost out..
Anaktuvuk in a few days means Wiseman soon after.

Just think how good that Mooses Tooth will taste :-)

Great read!
Keep thinking up the great trips.

Rusty Myers

I did a route from Goldenview Drive up to McHugh Peak and down the ridgeline to Seward Hwy. When I had to bushwack through alder, cow's parsnip, and devil's club for an hour, I just thought of you guys and my ordeal seem like a walk in the park. Great interview on NPR. You'll probably never want to eat any more instant potatoes. Thanks for the updates and equipment reviews. Happy July 4.


Roman - How is your (carry) weight to travel distance formula holding up? I bet you've revised it from data gathered on this trip! What type of data are you guys collecting on this transect? Your nearing the end so keep up the focus and stay strong

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