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Kevin Davidson

Hope you don't need the meds--- we don't want to have debates on whether or not the trip gets an * because of the team being "juiced". ;-)
Seriously, I hope to hear more about the contents of your 1st aid kit for this kind of journey.

Best of luck guys.

The Foot Guy

Hey guys, I will send good thoughts your way for a blister free adventure. God speed.

John Vonhof
author of Fixing Your Feet

Don Ladigin

Hi Guys! Wishing you all well on your adventure. Best, Don Ladigin

Doug Colbeck


Thanks for taking the rest of us along with you on your expedition. Best of luck to you and the rest of your team.



Didn't you know that the military is the best place for "cool-guy toys"? I'm a former Marine and former Air National Guardsman (spend summer camp with the guys from Kulis) and it's just one big adventure! :)

Be safe.

David Plantenga

"you should see their gear lockers"?
That comment pricked my curiosity ... care to elaborate?
What an adventure! Whew, not sure I could do it ...
Thanks BPL, for all that you do ...

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