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September 25, 2009


What backpack are you using for this trip, a BPL protoype? If so when are we going to get a closer look?

@Jay - the pack is the "advanced alpha" version of the new BPL pack. The next prototype will be a beta that will be pretty close to what the production version looks like. The pack in the video is almost there, most of the changes at this point will be cosmetic. It's a 40L-45L pack with an internal frame, weight is 28 oz, shoulder straps and hip belt are modular to fit different sizes/body types/load weights. Frame is removable. Roll top closure, two big outside pockets, hip belt pockets on this particular belt.

Ryan-- the pack looks great thanks for the information. Can't wait to see and hear about advanced prototypes. Also looking forward to seeing more of these 24 hour trip reports.

Really....great. I like that pack too.

Fantastic video, just need to find the mountains and waterfalls in Denmark. However, maybe a 36 hour trip (including flying) will get me to Norway, which will give me both.

The pack looks nice.

I really enjoyed this video and the concept of having the pack hanging and ready to go.

I'm assuming even though you said "we" a lot, you actually did all the video filming yourself? Kinda reminds me of Les a little.

Smart dog too! Shakes off the snow before it goes under the tarp!

Be great to see what you keep in your 24 hour packet.

Hey Ryan,
love the video. With a busy life this is the main style of trip I do these days so seeing this video was awesome. I died laughing seeing your dog begging for food as I know I have said that same exact sentence to my pup ("Do you really think I am going to give you any of my food"). Great stuff keep em coming!

Brilliant Ryan. The video is great, nice edit and feel.

More '24' videos please. Maybe you could open this concept up to all Backpackinglight subscribers and post the best ones on BPL?

Pack looks very interestng.

Why isn't Maia carrying her own food? And how did you train her to shake off the snow outside the tent?

I hope your article includes a gear list--for Maia as well as for you!

Great video. Look forward to the article on BPL and some more details on the pack. Trivial question, but I've been looking for some sunglasses similar to yours. What are they?

@Frank Perkins - "we" = me and Maia :) Yes, I did all the shooting on this particular trip, I was solo.

@Joe Newton - that's the plan - we'll put out a few proof of concept episodes for the 24 series and then start soliciting them from others later this fall.

@Hikinggranny - Maia isn't carrying her own food because she's ... uhhh ... "between" dog packs right now. Her old one chafed, looking for a new one. So guess who gets to pay the weight penalty? Yeah.

@Robin Evans - Native Dash SS are the sunglasses. I drilled little holes in the temples and strung a piece of spectra cord as a retainer :)

Hi Ryan,

Fantastic - really loved watching this. The standard of your photos and videos is getting very good. They really adds to the BPL experience. Great tip on making up some meals in advance.

A couple of questions please.

1. Camera and software wise what did you use to make the video.
2. How are you finding the Duomid. I am just about to push the order button on one.

Many thanks,



Awesome concept! Quick recharge is what a lot of us need. Can't wait to see the full series.
How about a veiw of your pantry. A list of foods etc. I know there are a million books on it, but how about a quick list of what you keep on hand.

Video is awesome, my little trail monster sat to watch it with me and said...can we have a waterfall and a big mountain...
Tough to find a mountain in Missouri...but I guess Southwest Airlines is in business for a reason...

Great video.

Ryan, what Esbit stove is that?

Great video, great idea. Lovely.

What is the green hoody that you are wearing, might I ask? I wonder if I can get hold of those over here (Scotland) ?

Take care.

great video,great idea i have tried to keep a packed bag in a cupboard ready for a quick get away,girlfriend keeps emptying it and packing it all away.
would love to know what stove that was also.

Loved the video. Great area to hike in. Makes me want to move back out west from Boston, Ma. I saw the post on 9/30/09 asking the type of stove you were using. I was wondering that same question.

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