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November 11, 2009


The production value is getting better and better.

Excellent video Ryan, not quite snow here yet but have wished I had worn slightly warmer footwear last winter. Looking forward to the next instalment.

Great stuff again. I would love to know what software you are using to edit these together.



awesome, very high quality!!

Very well done. The production quality, editing, and narration of these videos is very quickly improving. But more importantly, this really connected to me emotionally and inspired me to shake off some of my newly-acquired graduate school responsibilities and get up into the Cascades for my own 24.

Also, even though many people here (Eugene, OR) really seem to enjoy the fact that the weather is mild year-round, I'm truly mourning the crisp cold and ever-present snow of the past few years spent in Wyoming, Colorado, and Alaska.

Keep it up!

Great stuff Ryan... much enjoyed this. I would be reluctant to use my Salomons in these conditions!

"Just the right amount of discomfort and adventure to make us want to do it all over again." So true! I spoke to a guy today about a twelve mile hike I did in Cloudcroft, NM two weeks ago and told him it snowed on me and got down to 15 degrees F. at night. He asked me why I would put myself though that kind of cold. I told him that it made for good stories. Haha. You said it just right.

Oh, and I was wearing some Teva trail running shoes when I did my hike. I was really wishing I had brought some better footwear too when the snow started melting on my above-freezing shoes and soaking my feet. Six inches of snow in October. Couldn't have planned my hike better!


Excellent comments, Connelly.

I really enjoyed the video. Very nice camp spot, we spent a bit of time resting up in that same spot during PQ in 2008:




Hey Ryan -

Great production! These pieces are fantastic.

One question that I have is what kind of extension arm are you using for the "self" shots? I'm looking for something similar for a couple projects I have.

Please let me know.

Thanks much,
- Mark

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