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November 26, 2009


This has to be the best description of a fishin hole anywhere in the world. I wanna go!
"Often, you fish next to buffalo and elk, walk along precarious streamside hot spring crusts that an unknowing angler might break through and end up boiled, feel hot water bubbling against your waders here and there, watch out for the weird stinging beetles that once sent me reeling to the medical clinic, avoid slipping on the rainbow-colored mats of bacterial slime, wondering if the smell of sulfurous gases will cause long term lung damage, and of course, wet your pants in response to the occasional geyser eruption that sends hot water raining down the back of your neck."

Gotta be more than a days drive from St. Louis...bummer

Hi Ryan, Larry Tullis here. I'm glad you came out with a tenkara rod. I'm doing an article for Fly Fisherman right now on tenkara and would like to include your Hane rod. Tell me about it? Is Tenkara USA building it for you or did you find your own source? I didn't want to say that Tenkara USA was the only choice and your rod gives others a choice. Please contact me asap. Thanks.

Larry Tullis
Cel 801-645-5643

I've only been to the Yellowstone area a few times and haven't stayed nearly as long as I wanted, and that probably speaks really well of the place. It's the kind of landscape that makes people who don't live there just stand and stare and do stupid things like pet grizzly bears.

The first thing I remember about being there is always the smell. Most places have subtle smells that lots of people don't even notice. I've always picked them out, for some reason, and the memory sticks. There's a tang of saltwater in the air in the Cascades and the smell of oak leaves on the Oklahoma panhandle. Calling the smell of the Yellowstone area sulphurous gases is polite. When you grew up with an outhouse it triggers a different set of memories. I'm not sure I could ever not notice it and it sure isn't subtle.

Wouldn't be the same without it, though, adds to the surreal and keeps the visitors like me going home.

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