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February 02, 2010


GREAT post, I like the way you guys are thinking. It resonates very much with where we are at right now too.

You make a good point. I have a National Geographic Photo Publication titled, "Paradise." It is supposed to focus on the photographers' perception of paradise. The majority of photos in the book are simply photos of daily life where the author finds a little piece of paradise. We tend to overwhelm our lives for no apparent reason with things that have no value. I live several miles outside of a town of 1100 people and things are slower here. It isn't bad either. I intend on slowing down a little more. I am growing my own garden and raising a few goats and chickens. Slow is definitely the exception from what I have seen. Wilderness is my house.


Yes, for sure. Thanks for continuing to inspire.

It's amazing to be part of a community (BPL) that these "notions" of living have become so much more vital than what the last couple of decades have taught us. I seem to be slowly taking these steps as well. Quit a solid to career because I was losing my soul, to work in the Outdoor Industry. Went back to school to get a degree in web development (php) and after graduation in May am moving to Duluth. hahaha When I should be either staying in the growing metropolis of Madison, or moving to Chicgo, where the big bucks are, I have come to the decision I can't live without the wilderness. I am more than willing to do with less financially to have the Superior National Forest in my backyard. It's my Alaska, Disneyland whatever you want to call it. Then on to modeling my father's existence he has carved out next to the Aposotle Islands. 200 acres of the grid and yes, all the goats and chickens. I really like how you applied the UL BP to a lifestyle. I had never thought of it that way. Kudo's for bringing them together Ryan. It has really opened my third eye even more how my choices in the way, where and why of how I live encompass almost everything.

I'd argue that Twitter is worse than Facebook in alot of ways.

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