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May 27, 2010


Very good post, I think that a series needs to be written (perhaps on Backpacking Light or a blog or somewhere) that talks about a system of gear that has the widest range of uses/seasons for the least amount of weight. So that going light not only means having light-weight gear, but having less gear in the closet as as well. You have alluded to pairing down in some of your other posts, so it suggests to me that you are starting to think along those lines. I find this topic very interesting.

You forgot to mention "affordable". Here is my pyramid tent review (an MLD Speedmid):


And here is how much room there is inside:


I'm of the grey persuasion, because I find colored tents a bit weird to be inside for long. My favorite tent color is "blinding white", which makes a flashlight inside more effective.

Good luck finding one used, people don't seem to want to let go of a pyramid, even their old four pound Megamid.

I was reading Hillman's account of the ascent of Nanda Devi and noticed that their tents were all pyramids.

The Boy Scouts used to offer a pyramid tent, the "Miner's Tent":


Ryan, You don't mention which brand of Pyramid tarp you are recommending in this article?

We went around the world with a pyramid style, albeit six sided, shelter: Arctic Alaska, Utah, Patagonia, NZ, Tropical Australia, Borneo, and South Africa. It is indeed the single best design in my opinion too.

I have rarely agreed more with any post on any blog. My delicious yellow silnylon Duomid would be my choice if I was only allowed one shelter too. It makes me smile every time I see it. It makes me photograph it every time I pitch it. On grey days it cheers me up and on sunny days it glows. I just might paint my bedroom the same colour...

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