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June 25, 2010


Great timing Ryan. Jim Bailey and I were just chatting about how great tents are for certain circumstances. A few months back we did a trek in the Massanutten of VA and on the last night while sleeping under my 4oz cuben tarp I realized that I just plain old missed my Tarptent Double Rainbow. Yea it weighs a whole lot more but it would have been worth it!

I heard about this when I visited the LightHeart "factory" and was waiting to see how it looked. Pretty cool.

Did you use a quilt AND a sleeping bag? And if I read your post correctly, your insulating clothing has synthetic rather than down for its insulation, right?

I'm asking because I'm still working out my ultralight sleep system... so far I've purchased a synthetic quilt, but I haven't started on the wearable insulation yet.

Thanks :)

And FYI -- "duplicity" = "deceptiveness" which doesn't seem like what you intended here :)

So is the fly cuben and the rest of the solo sil and noseeum?

Thanks for the great tips on gear! Just starting out myself, and wringing out rainfall while still having a good night's rest is right up my alley! Looks like you're enjoying some pretty phenomenal country, love the photographs you take. Appreciate the time you put into making this Blog such a fabulous place to visit.

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