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June 15, 2010


Parents and adult leaders both tend to hijack those 2 methods. "What if they fail?" I get asked. We (as a society) have so insulated little Johnny from all possible failure that we (ditto) forget thats how we LEARN. The patrol method is perfect for making that happen safely.


I've really been enjoying your photos, and they have been an inspiration to spend more time outdoors.

When I was in boy scouts, we did a lot of camping, but not a lot of backpacking, let alone light weight backpacking. Recently as an adult, I've been getting into backpacking on my own, and have found the one hurdle to be getting all the appropriate gear and clothing. When I was in scouts, I didn't even really know about synthetic clothing, we would just bring along several changes of clothes, but we typically weren't that far away from a car or building. The question I have is, how do you go about making sure all of the boys have the proper clothing and gear? The "normal" weight backpacking equipment that I am buying now (having my own source of income) seems expensive, let alone when I was a kid having to ask my parents for things, and much of the super lightweight gear seems like it can be even more expensive. Our troop owned tents, and cooking equipment, but none of it was really suitable for backpacking. Procuring backpacks, light weight tents or tarps, and stoves would have been a huge expense. Is that an issue with the group you work with, or how do you overcome it?

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